Is PRINCE2 Suitable for Me

I want to study for a project management qualification. I am quite new to project management – only managing my first project now, and I am not a top manager or anything. Is PRINCE2 suitable for me, or is only suitable for people with lots of project management experience?

PRINCE stands for PRojects IN a Controlled Environment and there are two levels of certification. The beginning level is called ‘foundation’ which is suitable for project administrators, those working in a project environment, and managers of small projects. Second type of certification is the ‘practitioner’ and this is well suited for project managers who are running medium to large size projects. However there are no strict requirements about experience, education, or size of project that determines what type of certification is suited to you. This means the decision is entirely up to based on what you feel you need.

Basically, the way testing for PRINCE 2 testing is done, you first have to pass the foundation test which is a multiple choice test and must pass it before you can sit the practitioner exam. Practitioner exam, is a scenario based exam in which you write a response. Both exams are based on the “textbook” which is published by the OGC documenting Prince2. Rules regarding how long you have to wait after taking your foundation before taking the practitioner test does not exist. I have seen authorized testing centers and authorized training providers that allow you to take both tests on the same day. Should you pass the exam the question becomes how long each certificate is valid? I believe the foundation certificate in valid indefinitely and the practitioner I believe is only valid for five year.

With that said, I know in the UK you can self-study for the practitioner exam and the foundation exam. Self-studying means you can study on your own and take the test from an authorized testing center. The cost of self-study is a fraction of what it would cost if you went to a class. Finally in answer to your question, I feel the foundation certificate would be worth your time and then once you gain some more experience then taking the practitioner exam would be worth it. Source: James Leal

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